Dwesa and Cwebe

Dwesa and Cweba are two relatively small reserves, separated by the Mbashe River, situated in the old Transkei.

The reserves are bordered on the one side by the Indian Ocean and on the other by rugged grasslands of the former Transkei. Both reserves are mainly covered by lowland forest but also support grasslands and acacia scrub. With a total of 290 bird species recorded in the reserves. Being relatively under- birded, the number of known birds is increasing. At least three days is required/recommended to make the trip worthwhile.

The reserves remain relatively undeveloped with only footpaths giving access to the majority of areas. This lack of development means that the bird-life is prolific, with over 290 species recorded here.

With both reserves being small, most places can be reached on foot. There are also a few trails that can be negotiated by 4×4.

Dwesa and Cwebe Nature Reserve

Spanning a unique blend of coastal forest, winding rivers, open grassland and a diverse coastline, Dwesa Nature Reserve offers visitors a range of trails through lush forests and magnificent ocean views in this 3500ha reserve. Situated in the central Wild Coast, Dwesa Nature Reserve is separated by the Mbashe River and bordered by the Indian Ocean on one side, and rugged grasslands of the former Transkei on the other.

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The Haven Hotel

The Haven Hotel is a family and adventure destination located within the Dwesa / Cwebe Nature Reserves on the Wild Coast of South Africa.

Blessed with sea, sun and endless things to see and do, it offers a way of life that lets you forget the rest of the world and relax in the most secluded and unspoilt surroundings.

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